IR Face Recognition Access รุ่น ASA4214F/ASA6214F

18,750 ฿

เครื่องสแกนใบหน้า  รุ่น ASA4214F/ASA6214F


IR Face Recognition Access รุ่น ASA4214F/ASA6214F

IR Face Recognition Access รุ่น ASA4214F/ASA6214F


1. 4.3 inch touchscreen
2. Dual- biometric identification: face and fingerprint
3. Live face detection, protect fake face from picture or video
4. Accurate in poor lighting environment performance
5. DST–daylight saving time
6. NTP–network time protocol
7. TCP/IP and Wi-Fi for communication
8. Supports P2P add device ,easy management devices in remotely in SmartPSS
9. Support 3rd party controller connection via Wiegand
10. Supports face/fingerprint/card/password or combination identification
11. 6 kinds of customizable attendance events
12. USB export attendance reports from device
13. Supports Lock control, anti-passback, interlock, first card etc
14. Voice prompt
15. Hardware overvoltage and overcurrent protection

Download (PDF, 920KB)

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